Things to consider for barrier hire

If you’re thinking of hiring a barrier for a short period of time, then things to consider for barrier hire rather than purchasing them outright could be a more cost effective solution.

When you’ve finished with the barriers they can simply be collected and out of your way. Polysafe barriers and blocks offer a wide range of blocks to for consider barrier hire, from our rectangular concrete barrierscylindrical barriers and Heras fencing blocks. Here we’ve created a small guide of things to consider for barrier hire.


The first question you should ask yourself is what type of barrier hire are you going with. There are several types and sizes of barriers that are available. Polysafe rectangular concrete blocks are great for security measures as well as for traffic management. View our rectangular concrete barriers where we offer a range of sizes and variations to suit your needs. Once you have selected a size and quantity, simply call us for a quote or go to our contact us page where you can fill in a form and we will get back to you asap.

Payment and delivery

If you are hiring out the barriers, it is worth noting how payment is taken, and the minimum hire period is 4 weeks. Don’t forget to also check your insurance – not just for theft or damage, but liability insurance, so that you’re covered if someone claims your concrete barrier caused them damage or inconvenience.

Polysafe prices for delivery are based on per lorry and per journey as well as location. You can view our barrier hire delivery rates on our Concrete barrier delivery page. If you only need a few concrete barriers or are located close by, then it could be more cost effective if you collect them yourself provided you have a suitable vehicle/trailer.

Site preparation

Once you have hired out the concrete barriers, one of the most important things to do next is ensure your site is accessible. Due to the size of the vehicle and weights of the block, you need to think logistically whether there is access for a 40ft crane lorry to park alongside, or as near as possible to the reach of the crane, where the blocks can be easily off-loaded and placed in the right direction. If the site has difficult access points, Polysafe can then look at different options such as using a forklift to off-load the barriers for easy navigation.

Another factor that is often overlooked is planning where to place your concrete barriers, spending a few minutes measuring where you want your blocks to be can save you wishing you’d put them somewhere else after the lorry has gone. It could also save you having to pay waiting time.

If you’re not sure about whether you should buy or hire concrete barriers, please go to our barrier hire page for more information or call us on 01778 560555.