Site Security: Protecting Your Property

In the last few years, there has been an increase in uses of concrete barriers for a variety of reasons. They are not just being used to protect vacant land but are now increasingly being sold to companies using them for added site security. 

Placing concrete barriers can stop casual as well as nuisance trespassers, or stop vehicle access with a one-off simple and maintenance free solution.

Ram-raiders and motorcyclists

Owners and companies often face the risk of being targeted by thieves and ram-raiders. This could start from a weak piece of fencing, a gap in the wall or the main access gates. Apart from the loss in revenue, merchandise and the direct costs of clearing up, criminals and trespassers can potentially cause serious physical and emotional harm to employees. This is why a number of companies are using concrete blocks as an added site security measure to prevent these problems from the start.

Concrete blocks have been placed at the entrances to the notorious Archers Springs site in Hertfordshire to stop nuisance bikers riding there. Motorcyclists have often gathered on the fields off the B1000 and caused disturbance to neighbouring residents despite their best efforts to put a stop to this. As a consequence, concrete blocks were purchased by the landowner and placed around the site to prevent motorcyclists from entering. The outcome was better than expected and the number of motorcyclists reduced significantly since they could not move the heavy concrete obstruction.


Blocks are also a great way to stop trespassers or unauthorised vehicles from coming onto your land. Even if you can sort out the eviction process to remove illegal trespassers, this is lengthy and can sometimes take years to sort out. Having the general public trespassing on your land or property can be a real nuisance – what may be seen as a harmless picnic can cause serious irritation if gates are left open or damaged, crops are trampled or there’s mess to clear up.

Concrete barriers can provide a simple solution to prevent this from happening. This was the case in Hampshire, where local councils will hire concrete blocks placed on vacant fields to prevent travellers from staying on their site. Rows of blocks were laid out across the entrance so that the vehicles couldn’t go through.


Concrete blocks and barriers can also be used to control traffic on your property, which is particularly important if you have large numbers of people visiting the site to stop people driving or parking in areas where they shouldn’t. Barriers can also be used to keep pedestrians and cars separate to avoid accidents.

By investing time and money into site security measures including concrete blocks and barriers, criminals, trespassers and ram-raiders are likely to be put off from causing damage to your business or land. Precautions like these not only protect your property or business but your peace of mind as well.

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