Protecting your business

If you’re contemplating about a much needed getaway, but are worried about burglaries occurring at your business while you’re away, then this article is perfect for giving you tips on how to prevent anything from happening.

Carry out a check of the premises

When we consider the adaptability of modern criminals, it’s easy to understand why you and your business need to be on alert to avoid becoming an easy target. The first thing you need to do is to carry out a thorough check of your site to identify any vulnerable access points that can easily be broken into including existing security. Take note of these then review whether any extra security is needed.

Secure your premises

A lot of break-ins nowadays have occurred by entry being made through a window to the business. There are however, a number of ways to ensure your windows are secure. From adding alarms to installing bars, there are several techniques to keeping this access point secure. While certain barriers may be viewed as extreme, there are other options such as installing a security film to protect glass if you don’t want this to look unpleasant. If need be, strengthen existing windows and doors and don’t forget to fit locks on them before you close up.

Temporary barriers

Why not look at hiring concrete barriers for your site? These are not just being used to protect vacant land but are now increasingly being sold to companies using them for added site security. This adds an extra dimension to your site security – the trespasser would need to move a heavy concrete obstruction as well as carry out whatever criminal act they were planning. A number of companies now offer temporary barriers if you require them for short term use – Polysafe concrete barriers for example, offer barrier hire for a number of businesses which gives them flexibility and means they are simply collected at the end when not in use.


Security lights give you the additional peace of mind when securing your property. According to the Met police, lighting is a proven deterrent against crime. Burglars are less likely to break into a property if it has an external light fitted front and rear. If you haven’t already done so, install security lights on your premises so that this is visible during the night. By being lit up, this will help discourage the unscrupulous from setting foot on your property.

Alarm system and CCTV

Alarms and CCTV are undoubtedly the most effective deterrent against burglary. Make sure your alarm is left on before you leave the premise. For an even better self-defence tactic, advertise its presence to deter break-ins with the company’s sticker or sign. This should steer criminals away as they don’t want to be seen or heard setting off an alarm and attracting attention to themselves.

There are many options for businesses of varied sizes to consider when planning their security strategy. The above is just a few approaches that you can undertake for added piece of mind. Most burglaries can be prevented with a little foresight and planning.