Polysafe concrete barriers protect rural properties

Recently, thieves have gone on a crime spree targeting farm buildings and barns to steal equipment. A report by Farmers Weekly showed that farm crime in the Monmouthshire area alone has risen significantly.

Nine incidents have been reported to police over the past week involving shed and barn burglaries in rural and farm areas. Items that have been taken include JCB parts, chain saws, strimmers, lawn mowers and heating fuel. Police have accordingly warned farm owners to be vigilant and ensure adequate security measures are in place on their property.

The rise in rural crimes has begun to have a big impact on the lives of families, farmers and the industry itself. As well as ensuring equipment is locked securely and stored away, farm owners may also want to block site entrances to make access more difficult for criminals.

Concrete barriers are a great way to limit vehicular access. Polysafe concrete barriers are available in different shapes and sizes and are manufactured to the highest of standards. Not only do they physically stop vehicles entering your property but their sheer presence will make most criminals think twice.

A row of Polysafe concrete barriers can help to deter attempts at forced entry to the site, with considerations made for all types of vehicle, speeds and angles of attack. Concrete planters and heavy concrete blocks can greatly increase the effort and time needed for criminals to enter the property, thus there is more time for detection and prevention. Similarly creating a concrete barricade with barriers either side of an access such as a gate will help secure your property.

By investing time and money into the security of your site, criminals are likely to be put off from entering your property. Precautions like these not only protect your home and/or business but your peace of mind as well.

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