Keeping your business secure but attractive

With thieves targeting businesses on the rise, many firms have resorted to installing a number of security measures to keeping their premises secure.

Barbed wire, large fencing and security dogs will certainly make criminals think twice about entering your site; however, have you ever considered the impact this will have to customers? Keeping your business secure is obviously vital, but also is making sure that your customers are not put off by the physical appearance of your business. There is certainly some difficulty in striking a balance between protecting your business against thieves whilst still making it inviting for visitors. Here we run through some of the attractive but effective measures you can employ within your business.


Nowadays a lot of businesses seem to hire or buy concrete barrier blocks for site security –ideal for placing in front of a weak piece of fencing, a gap in the wall, or the main access gates when no one is onsite. But rather than buying concrete barriers or concrete blocks, why not purchase concrete planters instead? This adds extra dimension to your site security and will not spoil the view as you can fill these with plants or flowers. A lot of companies also now offer a choice of colours for concrete planters so this would blend in well with your surroundings. If chosen carefully, you can find barriers that offer maximum protection without making your site look like a prison and concrete planters offer just this since they are more attractive.


Security cameras and lights are a discreet means of securing your property so that you are able to record any activities that occur inside and outside of business working hours. CCTV also provides a very visible deterrent to criminals and opportunists, therefore this can be off-putting for criminals if they know there’ll be a chance of getting caught on camera. Plus cameras can help to identify perpetrators after the crime has been committed. Although a slight investment, this is a valuable asset to your business.

Alarm systems

The last thing a criminal wants to hear when they break into a building is a loud alarm system. Installing an alarm on the premise is a great way to protect your business as well as not destroying the physical appearance of the site as a number of alarms now come in a range of shapes and sizes that are small enough. You may also want to install warning signs that you have an alarm in place so this is visible to intruders. However, make sure that you don’t advertise what type of system this is since some criminals will have accessible information they could use to deactivate the alarm.

Windows and doors

Once outside of business working hours, secure your business premises with strong locks and minimise the risk to valuable items by storing and locking these away in a secure place when not in use. Security shutters are often a great way to conceal these away during operation hours and during closing time you can simply pull the shutters down. This could be an effective mean of securing your business without compromising the look of your business. Whatever measures you choose to incorporate within your business, remember to regularly check this is working at least once a year.