Concrete barriers for site security

Polysafe concrete barriers could add an extra level to your site security.

Trespassers would need to move a heavy concrete obstruction as well as carry out whatever criminal act they were planning. This may make them simply not bother, especially if they have to get through locked compound gates as well!.

Most sites will have an ideal entry point for criminals. This could be a weak piece of fencing, a gap in the wall, or the main access gates when you are not there

Your site may be prone to vandalism rather than theft, and our concrete barriers which can accommodate Heras fencing may be the ideal solution for you – concrete barriers with 6 foot high heras panels on top are a challenging barrier to overcome.

Polysafe concrete barriers are manufactured to the highest standards in a range of sizes and variations to suit your needs. Visit our before ordering and site preparation pages for advice on placing your order.

Alternatively, if you would like to speak to someone directly call our sales team on 01778 560555.

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