Concrete barriers for your business

Polysafe concrete barriers are the perfect safety barrier for a huge variety of applications including many types of temporary work. We have a range of comprehensive concrete barriers in stock for property owners and businesses. So whether it is large or small concrete barriers you are looking for, we have different types to suit every type of site.

Often, businesses find that they have problems with the misuse of vacant land or industrial sites. There are many different reasons that a person or group of people may trespass on your business premises, from petty vandals and ex-employees to travellers and protesters, and different cases must be handled in different ways. Business owners should also be aware that they in fact have a duty of care towards trespassers.

With this in mind, businesses often want something strong and practical to prevent access. In order to avoid the legal intricacies that come with dealing with trespassers, many landowners choose to take precautions to prevent trespassers from entering in the first place. Building fences or barriers is the simplest way to do this. Concrete security barriers may be placed across the access to a property, or around the perimeter to block vehicular access- this protects your land, but also reduces the costs as less barriers will be required. Polysafe concrete barriers are therefore an effective deterrent and can be used in a variety of situations where site security is compromised and they provide a quick, easy and maintenance free solution.

Apart from being a good security measure, barriers are also great for traffic management. Using strategically placed concrete barriers for traffic management ensures that vehicles go where you want them to go – and eliminates the temptation to just move the barrier a couple of feet so they can squeeze in. This is a particularly handy solution at large events since the flow of traffic and/or pedestrians can be made easier and safer with concrete barriers showing the way – and lead to a better experience all round!

There has recently been a lot of coverage in the news about ram-raiders and increasingly more businesses are seeking ways to find ways to prevent damage to their business. This is why certain firms choose to take a more practical route by placing defences like concrete blocks in front of their doors or windows. These blocks are designed to repel all attempts at forced entry to the site, with considerations made for all types of vehicle, speeds and angles of attack. Concrete barriers or planters can make it much more difficult for a ram raider to enter the property and most thieves will be put off by the idea of trying to smash their vehicle through a solid concrete barrier as opposed to a window or door.

If businesses are looking for a shorter-term solution, our concrete barriers can not only be purchased but you can also hire our concrete barriers for a range of temporary projects. Polysafe can quickly deliver you the barriers to suit your requirements. We’ve got concrete barriers suitable for use with all types of forklifts, so there is no job for which Polysafe can’t provide you with a solution.

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