About concrete barriers

Frequently asked questions about purchasing and hiring concrete barriers and blocks from Polysafe.

Can concrete barriers and blocks be moved by criminals?

The concrete barriers and blocks are heavy and designed to be a deterrent. They also require special attachments to allow safe lifting. This means that they cannot easily be lifted or ‘bumped’ aside.

How many concrete barriers or blocks do I need to make an effective barricade?

Concrete barriers can be placed end to end or with gaps between them depending upon your access requirements. The wider the gaps you can leave, the less concrete barriers you’ll need – but remember not to compromise the protection you require.

Can I collect concrete barriers

Yes. This is a particularly good idea if you only want small numbers of concrete barriers. We are happy to load your suitable vehicle free of charge, please ring us beforehand to place your order/ check availability.

What’s the lead time?

Of course the answer to this depends on how many concrete barriers you are looking for. Polysafe manufactures all the products so there is a continual supply. Whilst a lot of requirements are planned ahead by our customers, we do understand that sometimes there is little notice – if this is the case please ring us, we will always endeavour to meet your requirements or make alternative suggestions.

How do I get the products I need to site?

The majority of concrete barrier deliveries are made by a lorry with Hiab crane or Moffet forktruck direct to your site, with the concrete barriers placed where you want them. Of course these items are heavy so have to arrive on suitable transport – please see our before ordering and site preparation pages to make sure your site is ready.

If you have any further questions please call 01778 560555 or fill in our contact form.