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Cylindrical concrete barriers

Cylindrical concrete barriers are a great solution for sites where a more robust barrier is required.

Block CA & CB weigh 2.5 tonnes, so they are strong enough to hold back large vehicles. Block CP is a planter block that weighs 1.4 tonnes.

On a recent project, the barriers were used at the top of a steep grass slope which separated a lorry park from the car park below. The cylindrical concrete barriers were chosen because they would be heavy enough to stop a lorry in its tracks before it reached the slope.

Cylindrical barriers have also been used as ballast for vehicle break testing.

Take a look at our standard sizes below and then visit our before ordering and site preparation pages for advice on placing your order. All measurements are in mm.

Alternatively, if you would like to speak to someone directly call our sales team on 01778 560555.

cylindrical concrete barriers

cylindrical concrete barriers


Size CA


Size CB


Size CP